"I plan on running information systems and defending networks in a major enterprise or even a government agency, or developing software at a tech firm such as World Wide Technologies, Microsoft, etc. Technology is what I love and what I plan to pursue as a career.Technology is what I love and what I plan to pursue as a career."


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2020 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner // BEN YOUNG

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My name is Ben Young and I graduated from CBC in 2020. I moved to Missouri S&T where I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering. The people who know me best know that I’m a 3D, visual thinker. Before high school, I worked on 3D printing, computer, CAD, and robotics projects myself. In high school I had the opportunity to refine the skills I already had, as well as learn new skills that both pushed me towards and will help me in the pursuit of an engineering career. I was fortunate to participate in The Gateway Arch Design Competition, FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge, CyberPatriot, and to serve a large role in formation of CBC’s Area 52 Makerspace. The resources and skills I learned helped me work on my two largest projects, the Farnsworth Fusor and Face Shield production. Both projects have helped me develop important engineering lessons. Producing nearly 500 face shields for health professionals across St. Louis helped me learn time management and production scaling. The CBC stem academy and the JSMF have helped me develop a strong engineering foundation and for that I am forever grateful. 

2019 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner // Luke Parker

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My name is Luke Parker and I graduated from CBC in 2019. Now I go to Make School in San Francisco where I’m majoring in applied computer science. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of building things. I started building computers in middle school. After that I started getting interested in 3D printing and CAD design. Using those skills I started interning and consulting with startups and incubators such as Outside Open, BoXZY, Adrich, AlphaLab Gear, etc. At CBC I participated in Robotics, Sea Perch, Gateway Arch Design Competition, and WWT Hackathon. I got the opportunity to work with students and teachers on intricate projects which tested all prior experience. Since I graduated I have continued building new projects and iterating on old ones. Some of the projects I’m developing include voice applications for 3D printing, assistive mobility devices for the blind and visually impaired, a tweetbot algorithm that utilizes a corpus and a Markov chain to construct sentences, as well as deploying Flask and Django web apps. Thank you to CBC and JSMF for providing me with all the resources and opportunities necessary to thrive as a student and an engineer! 

2018 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner // Max Adamski

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I am very honored to be the recipient of the Joshua M. Seidel award for STEM. I’ve always been interested in computers since I was 5, in fact my parents tell me that I was showing them how to navigate a certain kids game I was playing on the computer. I guess I’ve just always had an interest in computers and technology since I was very young.


At CBC I did the Cybersecurity Program where we went to places such as Fontbonne University to compete in an app building and designing challenge for the St. Louis foodbanks, we placed second out of about 13 or so teams. I also competed in the Scott Air Force Base Cyber Security Hacking competition, we placed second in that event as well. I have taken a lot of other courses at CBC that relate to the field of STEM, such as Game Programming, Computer Science, Cisco Networking and Principles of Engineering. I have also tinkered with items in “Area 51” and worked in the CBC IT department over the summer. I am also interested in broadcasting, more of the production side of it, as I was a part of KCBC, the morning news and announcement TV network, and was the Executive Producer and President of the Cadet Student Network, which is an online broadcasting network on YouTube where we would cover all sorts of CBC events live and make promotional videos for events.

2017 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner // Drake Duenwald

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I have been a lover of STEM since I can remember, and I have never been able to get enough of it. From participating in robotics since I was in third grade to starting my own custom software company, and everything in between. Over the years I have realized that the opportunities that STEM brings are limitless. Anyone, no matter their age or experience, can learn and develop something extraordinary using STEM. Which has never been truer than today in our day and age with our technological advances.

2016 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner // Casimir Smith

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Hi, I’m Caz Smith! I graduated from CBC in 2016, and now I’m at Rice University majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Engineering Design. While at CBC, I worked with the robotics club for four years, pushing it to expand and improve. At Rice, I’ve continued with team design projects, building an electro-mechanical museum exhibit and a medical device to detect diabetic neuropathy. My favorite moments of my life have been when something I’d been tinkering with for weeks finally works just as intended. I have a passion for design that was supported throughout my time at CBC by the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation, and in the future, I hope to work in product design for mechatronic systems.

2015 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner // Jack Reddan

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My name is Jack Reddan, and I just finished my Junior year at the University of Notre Dame. Some of my favorite courses so far have been Design of Machine Elements, Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics), and CAD/CAM. My favorite part of mechanical engineering has been computer aided design and manufacturing, especially optimization of designs within a program. This summer I will be interning at DRS Technologies, working on military contracted designs and integrations. This internship will involve a lot of the CAD/CAM and heat transfer I have learned in my courses. When not working on academics, one could find me at Notre Dame athletic events cheering on the Irish, or competing for the University's Ultimate Frisbee team.

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