Executive Committee //

Eric Fritsche // President
Mike Maloney // Treasurer
BJ Keane // Secretary
Board of Directors //

Michael Blake
Andrew Bosworth
Brad Eisel
Jan Fogarty
Kevin Deptula
Dan Hefley
Ron Hefley
Michael Link
Ryan O'Toole
Eric Trost
About the Foundation //

The Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation was started by a diverse, yet tight-knit group of friends committed to honoring Josh's memory by celebrating the things that are most important to him: science, technology, entrepreneurism, connecting people and having fun whille doing it.


The group adopted Josh's life motto as their own as a tribute to him: Work Hard. Play Hard. Help Others.


This phrase serves as a living reminder to us all about what is most important in life - hard work, service to others and unbreakable friendships.


Vision //


To create a community and culture that embodies the spirit of Josh Seidel through the celebration of science, technology, entrepreneurism and the promotion of greater social good.

Mission //


To honor the memory of Josh Seidel by assisting and inspiring young people to participate in programs or attend schools that build science, engineering and technical skills, encourage entrepreneurism and foster the connection of people for the greater good of our community.​

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