Paying It Forward By Helping Others

The Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation spent the morning on Saturday, November 18th stuffing totes full of S.T.E.M. related educational tools (toys) for needy families in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Studies have proven that a good foundation of pre-K stimulation of the brain greatly improves the chances of success and improves education in secondary years.

Realizing that many pre-school children start off with a BIG disadvantage to learn later in their school years due to the fact that they had limited or no brain stimulation in their very developing years, the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation decided to help 95 families this year with toys that challenge their brains and develop them to learn.

Tote bags were stuffed this past Saturday by a team of volunteers at the offices of Builders Bloc. Kevin Deptula, president of Builders Bloc and Foundation Board Member, proposed this idea to the Foundation Board several months ago, and it was met with enthusiasm. Included in the bags were Activity Books, Reading books, Crayons, Scissors, Glue, Construction paper, Play Dough, String Beads, and Wood construction blocks. The 95 tote bags of goodies were delivered today to the Parent Educators in the Francis Howell Parents as Teachers Program, a program geared to low income and needy families in the district.

Hopefully this effort will give these families some of the necessary resources to allow their children to meet developmental milestones that others more fortunate easily reach. Thank you to all who participated in this awesome opportunity to enhance S.T.E.M. in St. Louis at a very early age, and impact a tremendous amount of families and children. This was all possible due to the generous contributions that continue to be made to the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation. Thank you again for your support

Live Like Josh - Work Hard - Play Hard - Help Others.

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