Team SlyZou - An Annual Tradition

For several years prior to his death, Josh kicked off the summer season by participating in the TriZou Triathlon. TriZou is a Sprint distance event that takes place on Mizzou’s campus in early May every year. The 400 meter swim takes place in the Olympic distance pool at the MU rec center. The 14 mile bike course winds it’s way through campus and up some of Columbia’s most grueling hills. The event is capped off by a 3.1 mile run around campus. Josh used the event as a motivator to shape up for lake season and usually beat his buddies to the finish line.

In the year’s since his final Trizou in 2013, an ever growing group of Josh’s family and friends have made the trek to Columbia to participate in this fun event. Many of those that used to show up to simply cheer on the athletes have since become athletes themselves. Some go the full distance, some take part in relay teams and others participate in the DuZou, a Run, Bike, Run version of the full event. In 2016 Josh’s mom, Terri, made her rookie debut by holding her own in the swim portion of the event on a relay team.

2017 saw over 50 participants and spectators making their way to Columbia and Team SlyZou once again represented. This is a very special weekend for everyone involved. 2018 promises to be another great year with several “newbies” already having made commitments to participate! If you’ve ever considered taking part in all, or one leg of a Triathlon, this is a great event for beginners.

Let the training begin and come join us in 2018!

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