Tailgate 4 Josh 2022 

Saturday, Nov. 5th 11am

Columbia, MO Faurot Field


The Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation

Work Hard. Play Hard. Help Others.

Honoring the memory of Josh Seidel by assisting and inspiring young people to participate in programs or attend schools that build science, engineering and technical skills, encourage entrepreneurism and foster the connection of people for the greater good of our community.​


Each year a small group of family and friends work tirelessly to make Trivia 4 Josh the incredible event that it repeatedly is. This year was no exception. Thanks to all of our wonderful supporters the event raised a record $189,000 in 2022. This level of success would not be possible without the support of our donor community that always shows up to make sure Josh's legacy continues to shine bright by making a difference in the lives of so many. The money raised will be put to good use through the support of STEM education initiatives all over the state of Missouri. Thank you all for making it possible!

Trivia 4 Josh 2022 

Another Huge Success!

Foundation Hits Major Milestone
$1 Million Raised in Josh's Honor

9/14/2021 - Shortly after we lost Josh in 2013 a few founding members gathered at a bar and wrote the foundation charter on a napkin. Their goal was to raise just $1,000 a year - even if they had to donate themselves - towards stem efforts in their dear friend's name. Fast forward 8 years later...due to the generosity, energy and dedication from people like YOU, we just reached an amazing milestone, ONE MILLION DOLLARS RAISED. We're speechless, and humbled by your commitment to Josh's legacy and we look forward to many milestones yet to come. 

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Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Crossroads Charter Schools

Early in the Pandemic we were presented with an opportunity to make an immediate impact at Crossroads Charter Schools In Kansas City. Through a donation we were able to facilitate the purchase of 150 tablets which were distributed to families without access to digital resources, enabling the opportunity for all students, regardless of income or economic-status, to thrive in a remote-learning environment due to the pandemic.

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