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Ferguson Fire Department

JSMF funded the purchase of an Inflatable Fire Safety House for Ferguson Fire Department to use in teaching home fire safety to children in the community and the schools. This very special investment is sure to impact & even save lives- that’s a powerful ripple effect…

This safety tool with assist Ferguson FD to broaden their community impact. It enables relatable and engaging education methods to children and students with an interactive experience. The house allows demonstrating real methods for preventing hazards, identifying danger and escaping safely in a manner that resonates and is memorable. These children often bring these lessons into their homes, and drive their family members to enact what they’ve learned.

This partnership is extra special for multiple reasons. The company Josh co-founded, Caliber Cast Stone, provided stone seen in these pics. Josh, specifically, was highly involved in the drawings and estimates just over a decade ago for Fire Station 1 on N. Florissant Rd. Additionally, Josh’s father, Mike, was also the General Contractor.

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