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Gateway Science Academy Robotics Teams

The mission of the Gateway Science Academy (GSA) of St. Louis is to provide quality education with an emphasis on science, mathematics, and technology while balancing all core subjects. GSA has 3 campuses in the St. Louis area and provides education to over 1,500 students from elementary to high school.

JSMF's involvement with GSA started in 2022 when we provided funds to help their robotics teams travel to Dallas to compete in the VEX Robotics World Championships, the largest robotics competition in the world. Only 3 teams from the state of Missouri qualified for the world championship in 2022, and all 3 of these were from GSA. Attending is a major accomplishment, on top of that, one team (Kermit Crafters) WON!! GSA is excited to return to the world championships to defend their crown.

The robotics program has grown from 12 students at 1 campus last year, to over 60 students at all 3 campuses. Students stay after school and put in time on Saturdays- building the robots and perfecting the challenge of the year.

We are happy to support this dynamic program that fosters the STEM development of these brilliant young minds.

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