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JSMF and Joseph Pedrotti Memorial Foundation partner to elevate the STEAM experience at St. Elizabeth Catholic School

Two Memorial Foundations, with Shared Ties to the University of Missouri, Come Together to Support STEAM efforts at Kansas City School
April 29, 2024

Two memorial foundations, with shared ties to Mizzou, came together to deliver on their commitments to turn tragedy into positive community impact. Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation (JSMF) and Joseph Pedrotti Memorial Foundation (JPMF) partnered to elevate the STEAM experience for students at St. Elizabeth Catholic School in the Waldo area of Kansas City, Missouri. STEAM refers to an integrated learning approach- with science, technology, engineering, art and math as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

The STEAM program at St. Elizabeth School, led by Stephanie Moore since 2015, welcomed a gift from these two foundations enabling a fully-functioning lab for over 420 students annually. Construction completed late Q1 2023, and ‘officially’ welcomed additional renovations to the lab with Moore, Michael Riley (Principal) and Sarah Wendt (​Assistant Principal) mid-April. They were joined by Marc Pedrotti (JPMF board member) and Mike Maloney and Jan Fogarty (JSMF board members).

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation and the Joseph Pedrotti Memorial Foundation. Their collaboration allowed for our project to be fully funded and implemented. All students at St. Elizabeth, Pre-School-8th grade, will benefit from this gift. The donations allow for our STEAM and Robotics programming to go to the next level preparing our students to attend high school and beyond. We truly appreciate both foundations for contributing to a deep and lasting impact in STEAM learning for our students.” said Riley.

This co-sponsorship is extra special for many reasons, but most notably as an example of the ‘ripple effect’ in action- an ambition of Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation. JSMF was founded after Josh Seidel’s tragic death in a work accident in 2013. A diverse, yet tight-knit group of friends and family committed to honoring Josh's memory by celebrating the things that are most important to him: science, technology, entrepreneurism, connecting people and having fun while doing it.

One of the ways JSMF lived into ‘helping others’ as a part of its motto, is by recognizing students with various scholarships. To support fellow MU Sigma Chis, a scholarship in Josh’s name has been rewarded to over 10 brothers. The 2019 recipient of this scholarship was Joe Pedrotti, a Mechanical Engineering major from Kansas City. Unimaginably, Joe’s life was also tragically cut short in an accident in 2021. The Seidel family and JSMF was a source of support for the Pedrotti family as they also navigated turning their grief into making a positive impact. They ultimately formed the Joseph Pedrotti Memorial Foundation- supporting programs to get students involved in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

“The two foundations coming together represents carrying on the legacy of Joe and Josh. Though they never met here, their lives and memories have intersected to continue making a significant impact on students who have interests in technology and engineering-just as they did…..” said Marc Pedrotti, Joe’s father.

“I love that we're continuing to expand the impact of JSMF’s reach west into Kansas City. While the core reason behind having these two memorial foundations is sad & tragic- the fact that we were able to bring these two fantastic organizations together to support a wonderful common goal in Joe & Josh’s honor is amazing! A big thank you to Marc Pedrotti for including JSMF in this effort” said Mike Maloney, founding JSMF board member and Kansas City native.

The enhancements to the STEAM lab at St. Elizabeth School are only the beginning. The new cabinets, chemically resistant countertops, electricity, and plumbing help further the goals of bringing STEAM opportunities to St. Elizabeth students. Because of such generosity, St. Elizabeth is empowered to create solutions that concretely impact enrollment and retention as the school brings Catholic education to the community and further educates for social justice and equity. The STEAM Lab is an extension of the learning environment where inclusivity informs and transforms learners. St. Elizabeth School can look forward to bridging the divide, opening choices, and preparing students for their future, whatever that may be.

For more information, visit:

Michael Riley,, Principal, St. Elizabeth’s Catholic School
Jan Fogarty Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation
Marc Pedrotti Joe Pedrotti Memorial Foundation


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