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Hayden Higgins

2022 Live Like Josh Seidel Engineering Scholarship Recipient

Hayden Higgins is an Electrical Engineering and Physics student at Mizzou, graduating in May 2024. Raised in Joplin, Missouri, Mizzou was always on his radar and was a top choice for college given the in-state aid and the familiarity of the campus. His older brother, Jacob, also attended Mizzou, and graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering in 2021.

Hayden says he didn't know if he would stick with engineering coming into college, but as soon as he began to learn the principles behind things like batteries and magnets, he was hooked on Electrical Engineering and Physics. Hayden is an active member of MU Racing and MU Electric Racing; he's the lead electrical engineer for Electric Racing, a team which designed and is currently building the first fully electric formula race car from the university. The project consumes between 20 and 45 hours of every week, but there is a tight knit group of friends in the FSAE shop and ultimately Hayden believes it will remain one of the richest and most exciting interactions with engineering and design during his career.

Besides STEM related hobbies, Hayden loves college for the constant opportunities to make and see friends at a moments notice. When there's time, he enjoys playing the guitar, lifting, and casual sports or video games with friends. Beyond school, Hayden has an open mind, but he intends to apply to both jobs and PhD programs in Analog Design or Power Electronics and see what opportunities become available. His ambitions are to either become an expert in a specific specialization of Electrical Engineering or to one day start his own business to span a broader skill set.

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