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Shawn Hendershot

2023 Live Like Josh Seidel Engineering Scholarship Recipient

Shawn Hendershot will graduate Spring 2024, and is currently studying Industrial Engineering and pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a Construction Management Certificate at The University of Missouri. He is from Overland Park, Kansas where he graduated from Blue Valley North High School. Shawn chose Mizzou because it gave him the best opportunity to pursue a higher education in engineering, play football, and mature as a man. An additional reason he chose Mizzou was because the mere two-hour drive home allowed his family to come to every single home game.

Since arriving at Mizzou, Shawn has been a member of the football team. His most valuable experiences and connections were made through this brotherhood. He credits the majority of his professional skills to his athletic career because of the intangibles he adopted through uncomfortable situations. Off the field, he is an active member of multiple organizations including Tiger Leadership Institute, Student Mobilization, and the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. These groups revolve around his voice as a student-athlete, faith, and specific engineering discipline.

From a young age, Shawn was fascinated with Legos, Lincoln Logs, living room forts, and anything else he could build with. In his words, “I remember getting Legos for Christmas every single year and still being ecstatic about it.” These toys were the foundation of his engineering career. Later in high school, he spent half of his class time at the Center for Advance Professional Studies (CAPS) which gave him access to CNC machines, laser engravers, 3D printers, and other manufacturing equipment. This was an invaluable experience that continued to push him towards an engineering degree.

In Shawn’s free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, being outdoors, and playing sports. A father and son golf round against his high school friends is a common occurrence when they are back home. Recently, Shawn has been spending more of his free time at local elementary schools, the children's hospital, and dog shelters. He believes investing in the lives of others is just as beneficial for those helping as it is for those being helped.

Shawn is very honored and thankful to be a recipient of the Live Like Josh Seidel Engineering Scholarship. He realizes the tremendous positive effect that Josh had on other people. They hold many of the same values and Shawn hopes to leave a legacy even a fraction of the size that Josh Seidel did. He looks forward to attending future trivia nights, tailgates, and other activities coordinated on behalf of Josh.

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