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Ben Young

2020 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner

My name is Ben Young and I graduated from CBC in 2020. I moved to Missouri S&T where I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering. The people who know me best know that I’m a 3D, visual thinker. Before high school, I worked on 3D printing, computer, CAD, and robotics projects myself. In high school I had the opportunity to refine the skills I already had, as well as learn new skills that both pushed me towards and will help me in the pursuit of an engineering career. I was fortunate to participate in The Gateway Arch Design Competition, FIRST Robotics Tech Challenge, CyberPatriot, and to serve a large role in formation of CBC’s Area 52 Makerspace. The resources and skills I learned helped me work on my two largest projects, the Farnsworth Fusor and Face Shield production. Both projects have helped me develop important engineering lessons. Producing nearly 500 face shields for health professionals across St. Louis helped me learn time management and production scaling. The CBC stem academy and the JSMF have helped me develop a strong engineering foundation and for that I am forever grateful

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