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John Moore

2021 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner

My name is John Moore and I graduated from CBC in 2021. I will be going to Westminster College. I have had many experiences in STEM during my 4 years at CBC whether it be mechanics with the robotics program and World-Wide technology projects. Computer Science with Fontbonne hackathons, Cyber patriot hackathons, and a hackathon with SLU. All of these experiences were extremely enlightening to me as a person. But the most rewarding of these was the SLU hackathon where we were given 6-8 hours to complete an application that was designed to help immigrants from all corners of the world in the United States. As the son of an immigrant family this was the most inspirational project that I had done in terms of utilizing technology to inspire a better change in our community. This has and will continue to be my definition of STEM, using technology and engineering to better help our communities in need. I would like to thank my mentors Mr. Henken and Mr. Stapleton, as well as the Josh Seidel Memorial Foundation for helping to give me these experiences and help shape who I am, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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