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Luke Parker

2019 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner

My name is Luke Parker and I graduated from CBC in 2019. Now I go to Make School in San Francisco where I’m majoring in applied computer science. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of building things. I started building computers in middle school. After that I started getting interested in 3D printing and CAD design. Using those skills I started interning and consulting with startups and incubators such as Outside Open, BoXZY, Adrich, AlphaLab Gear, etc. At CBC I participated in Robotics, Sea Perch, Gateway Arch Design Competition, and WWT Hackathon. I got the opportunity to work with students and teachers on intricate projects which tested all prior experience. Since I graduated I have continued building new projects and iterating on old ones. Some of the projects I’m developing include voice applications for 3D printing, assistive mobility devices for the blind and visually impaired, a tweetbot algorithm that utilizes a corpus and a Markov chain to construct sentences, as well as deploying Flask and Django web apps. Thank you to CBC and JSMF for providing me with all the resources and opportunities necessary to thrive as a student and an engineer! 

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