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Max Adamski

2018 CBC High School JMS STEM Award Winner

I am very honored to be the recipient of the Joshua M. Seidel award for STEM. I’ve always been interested in computers since I was 5, in fact my parents tell me that I was showing them how to navigate a certain kids game I was playing on the computer. I guess I’ve just always had an interest in computers and technology since I was very young.
At CBC I did the Cybersecurity Program where we went to places such as Fontbonne University to compete in an app building and designing challenge for the St. Louis foodbanks, we placed second out of about 13 or so teams. I also competed in the Scott Air Force Base Cyber Security Hacking competition, we placed second in that event as well. I have taken a lot of other courses at CBC that relate to the field of STEM, such as Game Programming, Computer Science, Cisco Networking and Principles of Engineering. I have also tinkered with items in “Area 51” and worked in the CBC IT department over the summer. I am also interested in broadcasting, more of the production side of it, as I was a part of KCBC, the morning news and announcement TV network, and was the Executive Producer and President of the Cadet Student Network, which is an online broadcasting network on YouTube where we would cover all sorts of CBC events live and make promotional videos for events.

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